About Us

About Our Company

Professional and Expert Tree Service Contractors

Tree Services Hobart is dedicated to making sure that all your tree care needs are satisfied as we provide you with fast services and safe results.

Our tree arborists can provide you with any service needed depending on what outcome you want for any trees you want to take care of.

You can rest assured knowing that our professionals use the best equipment and only the best techniques to make sure your expectations are exceeded.

Hobart Tree Services

Tree Service Hobart started as a simple tree removal service back in 2018 and only provided services to remove trees and their stumps. Later they upgraded to tree extraction and tree moving as they obtained better equipment.

Our arborists became so passionate about their work that they later expanded their services to different kinds of tree maintenance options. To this day, our tree company provides both tree removals and tree care depending on what our clients need.

We have professionals who are certified to perform all of the jobs given to them and make sure that everything done is legal, which even involved obtaining a permit when required. With the many options we have, you can get the exact outcome you want with your trees.

Hobart Tree Services takes pride in giving you the best results because your satisfaction is our goal.

Why Choose Tree Services Hobart?

We Seek Your Satisfaction

When you get us to provide you with tree services, we make sure that the job is not simply done but we make sure that the effects last.

Our team will make sure that the results will lead to a better outcome even after our services have been rendered.

We Know Our Trees

All of our arborists know the basics as well as everything advanced that is needed to know about trees as they are certified and have years of experience.

They know exactly how to remove a tree or preserve it and will apply all of their knowledge for the best outcome.

Safety Is A Must

We will always make sure that safety is considered first before, during, and after our services are provided.

The area will be sealed off to protect the whole area around it and the job will be done perfectly to make sure no issues come afterward.

Tree Emergencies?

Our Experts are at your Service 24/7!