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Outstanding tree work performed by professional tree arborists in Hobart.

Trees are a gift from nature that make homes look nicer and provide shade when needed but sometimes these become damaged or start to die.

If this happens, you can choose to either avail of our services to bring it back to life or to have it removed from your area.

Luckily, Tree Services Hobart is here for you, and we have the best professionals that can provide you with any arborist tree service that you need.

From tree pruning services to tree removals, our professionals can provide you with every service to help you out with any tree issues.

Once you get in touch with us, we’ll make sure to set everything up so that our professionals can begin working right away.

Our Services

We Offer Reliable Tree Services

Tree Services Hobart has the best tree surgeons around and we will make sure that the results will always exceed your expectations.

Tree Pruning

When a tree is left on its own, it can sometimes grow in the least expected ways which can cause it to take a different form that may lead to problems.

It is best to avail of our tree maintenance services such as pruning tree branches or tree trimming to give keep them in the best shape possible.

As a tree company in Hobart, we specialize in a wide variety of trees and will make sure that everything is done perfectly.

Tree Removal

If a tree is in the way at your home or on another property that you own, you can always resort to having this removed with a tree-cutting service, which we can provide.

We can provide tree felling services and even include stump grinding if needed to clear an area out of trees, so you have space for whatever you need.

Should you require land clearing, we can provide this service for you as our professionals have done this countless times and can handle this smoothly for you.

Stump Grinding

If there is a stump lying around that is giving you trouble, you can avail of our tree stump removal service and get rid of it.

We can take care of this with our stump grinding service to remove most of the stump so that it decays naturally or remove it completely.

There are different benefits to which type of stump removal you prefer, and we will be glad to explain what they are and provide the services for you.

Tree Care

If you've observed signs of distress in your trees, whether it's evident through their declining health, accumulation of dirt, or infestation by troublesome pests causing disruptions, our tree care solutions are at your disposal.

These services encompass the treatment of mature, damaged trees for preservation, the cleaning of trees that have accumulated dirt over the years, and the elimination of pests that have taken residence.

While our primary emphasis lies in tree surgery, tree cleaning, and pest removal services, our offerings extend beyond these specific areas.

Additional Services

We Also Offer

If you are looking for other tree maintenance services, we offer a variety of them for you to choose from depending on what you need.

We have tree care specialists who have years of experience in either removing, maintaining, and even modifying trees.

Once you get in touch with us, all you need to do is let us know what we are going to work on and well make sure we get the outcome you want. Below are some of the additional services that our tree experts can provide you with:

About Tree Services Hobart

Reliable Tree Services in Hobart

Tree Services Hobart started providing tree pruning and tree removal services back in 2018 and has continued to provide more services as the tree company grew.

We eventually obtained better equipment to provide outstanding services that have left our clients satisfied with the results of the services we provide.

Our tree arborists are certified and have years of experience with what they do and will not only meet your expectations, but they will also exceed them.

When you choose to avail of our services, you can expect the following:

  • Friendly tree arborist
  • Expert arborist services
  • Multiple options to choose from
  • Certified professionals
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Outstanding results
  • Professional tree care
  • Clean results after services
  • Affordable arborist services
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People Say The Nicest Things

Look at what our happy clients have to say!

George S.


Contacted the team to perform a tree surgery on a tree in my backyard. It’s growing back healthily and beautifully now thanks to them! 

Robert D.


I used to maintain our trees on our own, but my age doesn’t allow me to do so anymore. I’m glad I found Tree Services in my area. Their work is fantastic!

Madeliene C.


I’ve become too busy to trim the shrubs in my backyard, and the team was happy to help me with it. Calling them regularly for this service now!

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons Why People Love Us

Professional Arborists

Our professionals know more than simply taking down a tree or cutting a few branches, they know how to provide trees with longevity or to remove one completely for natural results.

Multiple Options

When you face any type of tree issue, our professionals can provide you with a wide range of services to solve the problem and get you the results that you want.

Affordable Prices

We provide our services at affordable prices to make availing of our service more convenient because your satisfaction is more important to us.

Safety Comes First

The professionals we send will always make sure the area they are working on is secure and that the results will last without any problems later.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

To provide you with the best results, our tree arborists use the best equipment along with high-grade products when you avail of our services.

Deadline Oriented

Once a job is given to our team, they do not delay and will make sure that everything is handled right away to meet expected deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a tree is sick or in the process of dying, we usually recommend a specialised tree service as soon as possible. Getting rid of the branches and other parts that lead to this may preserve the tree and allow it to heal naturally. 

This is one of the best ways to keep a tree in good condition, give it a chance to become healthy again. When the process is done correctly, tree removal isn’t necessary. 

Depending on where the services will be performed, we will let you know if a permit and what kind is needed for us to provide our tree services.

Hobart has certain laws when it comes to maintaining or removing trees and we can help you obtain these once we know what service you want done.

Our long years in tree care service and landscaping industry enabled us to know the importance of permits and the differences in regulations between cities. We have also partnered with some of the best service providers in different cities, regions and abroad including tree services Menlo Park, CA to provide our services better.

Our professionals can provide services even when you are not around as they simply need to access the location and will only operate in that area. Some of our specialist work like tree removal may also pose hazard to homeowners so we advise them to stay clear of the work area until the job is done. 

We have had several clients who have been happy to come home to a job well done as this has been one of the best conveniences that we provide. 

Our team will recycle the remains left over from our tree removal and tree trimming services unless you have decided otherwise as this is a way for us to make sure it isn’t wasted.

We make sure that all debris is removed and any land that may have been affected by our services is restored as much as possible to recover naturally.

Tree Services Hobart has insurance that covers property damage or injuries that may be sustained during and even after the time of our services depending on the situation.

Our company takes responsibility for issues that are caused by or end up because of our services, but our professionals are always one step ahead and make sure accidents don’t happen.

If you want to keep the leftovers from our tree trimming or tree removal service, we will require you to sign a waiver claiming that you wish to keep them.

This is required to make sure that any debris that is kept will no longer be within our area of responsibility.

We care about your safety and prefer that you would remain out of the area that we have sealed off to make sure your safety is not put at risk.

If ever you need to access the area you can still do this, but we will have to halt our work especially during tree removal jobs to make sure the area is safe, 

This will depend on what kind of tree service you need as different jobs may require more people to ensure that it is done correctly.

We mostly send a team of 2 to 3 people to get simple jobs completed but in more difficult cases we may send a team of 4-5 people to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Our tree specialists can handle any tree as they have years of experience and have gone superior knowledge about the trees that grow in Hobart.

Once you get in touch with us, we will usually ask what type of tree you want services provided for or will have someone check it out first if you are unsure.

Before we carry out our services in an area, will require information regarding what services may be installed in the area to avoid problems.

If our team has knowledge of services on the ground and happens to damage them, our company will take full responsibility and provide coverage for the damage.

We have professional arborists who can attempt to restore a tree to its former glory, but this will depend on the condition of the tree.

After inspecting the damaged or sick tree, our professionals will give you a breakdown of what can be done as well as the possibilities of what may happen afterward. Our tree experts will recommend what type of service is ideal for your tree, whether it needs tree pruning, surgery or not and will only require a proper tree trimming.

Our professionals will make sure that the area where they worked will be cleaner than it first was when they arrived to do the job.

We will make sure that the leftovers from our tree services are taken care of unless you wish to keep them and will close the land as naturally as possible.

Of course, you can, and this can be done by getting in touch with us or via our site, whichever is more convenient for you.

Our team will be ready to provide you with whatever information you need and help you avail of our services once you contact them through any method.

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